Wednesday, 18 May 2011

UK Conventions

Kapow was cool - a vast venue teeming with energy. Printing 'Death Sentence' as a preview comic proved useful. Mike and I wandered around handing out copies, and all the publishers attending seemed genuinely interested in the work. I wonder if we can do a deal? The Titan guys and Mark Millar took a copy and really liked it which was gratifying. Every artist or writer worries on some level that they're a talentless and deluded fool, so to have one of the best writers in the business tell you "it's brilliant" was a welcome boost to the creative morale.

Bristol was less exciting, but kudos to the publishers and editors who did make the trip. We were able to have some proper conversations about the details of any possible deal. Everyone that saw the comic apparently loved it, and again I was chuffed that some much revered creators were enthusing over the script and concept. Bountiful praise from professional artists for Mike's wonderful sequential artwork - the dude is hitting home runs with every page right now. Had some entertaining drinks and chats with fellow fans and creators too. And in the last hours of the show I got some exciting news on another project which I hope to follow up on in the next few weeks. All in all, a worthwhile trip.

Time to approach some American publishers!