Monday, 27 June 2011

Birmingham Comics Launchpad

This was a great event! Very professional, so props to the Launchpad team for that. I was there to pitch Death Sentence and learn more about the business side of comics. As such the long meeting and subsequent chats I had with Diamond UK were most valuable. They really liked the comic and it seemed to be something they would enthusiastically help push. Lots of great advice on printing, price, and marketing. Already I'm changing my approach to covers and  publicity. Making a comic is only half the battle. Mike and I need to be as focused and inventive in selling as creating, whether we publish ourselves or are published through another company.

It was cool to get a DC and Marvel take on what we were doing too - both very different. Fascinating listen to Joey Cavilieri and Klaus Janson give an insight into the workings and priorities of those respective companies. A rare and informative conversation - so thanks to both men for making the trip. Both guys were really enthusiastic and helpful in regard to our series, which was heartening. Klaus also gave a wonderful inking masterclass, which was a real thrill.

Chuffed to meet Mike Carey too, who was full of comics wisdom. One of my all time favourite writers, from Trident days through Carver Hale to his seminal Hellblazer run. Talking of which I read an amusing preview of that illustrious series recently, featuring some inadvertently amusing dialogue: "Awlright me ol' Chinas? It's Dick Van Constantine 'ere! Chim Chim Cheroo, you magical plonkers!" :)

Got a load of 3d work on at the moment, so I won't get to do any more writing 'til next week. Bah!!!