Sunday, 18 August 2013

Just getting all the pages for Death Sentence #2 finalised. I've always loved the dialogue in this scene, but there was something about it that subtly irked me too. So I've changed it, above. Anyone who can spot what it is will wins my undying respect and admiration.

 Death Sentence #2 out on Nov 13th, and you can order it now from any comic shop (like this one for instance,

Thursday, 1 August 2013

This is the cover for issue 3 - available to order from your local comic shop now: My take on Monty and Verity is a little different to Mike's, though I prefer the way Mike draws them both I think. I tend to make everyone appear too good looking. But I'm happy with the design work, and the colours. And that staff is a real world item which gives a clue to the story. Anyone know what it is? :) 

Couple of great reviews that Titan quoted on the cover there. Death Sentence is about some pretty deep themes, underneath all the riotous entertainment - as it should be. 

You can read those reviews in full from Sonia Harris at Comic Book Resources... 

...and from Shathley Q at PopMatters:

And there's an interview with Mike and I about it all too: