Friday, 21 February 2014

Behold! The cover to Death Sentence #6!! Thirty amazing pages of blood sweat and tears for the regular price. It's got epic finale written all over it.

With this cover I just wanted to paint all the characters together for the first time, and convey a more superpowered vibe with the glowing hands and so on, without losing the sensibility that links the previous issues together. On the other covers the characters look like ordinary people, albeit with the kind of magnetism that looks as at home on the cover of a music or film magazines, which was kind of the point. I took my inspiration from the newsracks, not comics.

Death Sentence 6 is also fairly unique among the comics on the shelves in that it gives you a clear view on the point of life, which isn't bad for 3 bucks.

You can order it from any comic shop right now, like this one in the UK, or this one in the US - or from comixology on 13th March 2014.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Guide To Making Comics

Each issue of Death Sentence has 5 pages of advice on making comics. In issue 5 we pass on all the facts & figures re print comics: Costs of printing, packing and distribution; how much of a comic book's price goes to  the printer, publisher, retailer, distributor & creator; lots of advice on publicity, serialisations, press releases, working with publishers or going solo and dealing with shops directly. It's essential stuff - and it's never being reprinted anywhere else.

Check it out here:

Hope you find it useful.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Page from Death Sentence 5 - Spoilers

Here's a page from Death Sentence 5, the least spoilerific I could find. It gets to the heart of some of the points we're making. And it made us laugh.  I love the way Marvelous Mike Dowling handled all the body language and acting here - masterful! You can see more here  if you like :)