Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Variant Covers to Death Sentence London 1

There are four covers to Death Sentence London #1.

I only paint these, and make the comic, so I don't know much about how this works - other than any comic shop can get any cover if they order it now.

A: Regular cover by Montynero
B: Variant cover by Simmonds
C: Variant cover by Montynero
D: Variant cover by Dowling

Last time issue 1 sold out in days, and variants were selling for crazy prices.

Contact a comic shop and ask for the comic you want now:

Monday, 6 April 2015

Spoiler Free Reviews for Death Sentence London

Early reviews of issue 1 and 2 are full of spoilers - so...

"Death Sentence was a singular work of art. How could you top that? Montynero and Martin Simmonds achieve exactly that." Popmatters

"Death Sentence: London is quite possibly the most important work of 2015." Popmatters

"Bloody brilliant" Comic Bastards

"messes with your brain, gives you a strange, surreal thrill ride, has one wild, outrageous moment tumble after the next while still keeping a focus on character...drawn with delirious surreal joy by newcomer Martin Simmonds. It’s both a reset and a continuation from the mini, setting us up for a whole set of great, loud songs after the band released just a few...Death Sentence: London #1 is like a great punk rock song, full of anger and outrage, energy and excitement, and a bit of scorn for those who don’t understand it. Writer Montynero pulls the reader in with its delighted outrageousness then balances that boldness with a touch of humanity. There’s a scene between a cop and his young daughter, for instance, that does a lovely job of bringing this wild story back down to earth in the most pragmatic of ways. Those moments make the scenes of gaping, teeth-filled monstrous, vaginal-appearing mouths in the Cthulu creatures even more intense than they would otherwise feel.This comic has soul and smarts, frightening creatures and frightening humans, and a premise that gets scarier the more time you spend in Death Sentence’s London. I enjoyed my trip to one of the world’s most terrifying cities." Comics Bulletin

"There are ALOT of powerful ideas in this as the struggle between the public & government’s is a fairly prominent issue in the real world today... A great start to this new on-going and I’m sure it’ll see more people flock to get hold of that initial run too so they can get the full story. Thought provoking, entertaining & engaging in equal measure" Comics Anonymous

"The original Death Sentence was comic of the year and I stated its importance to the genre. What Death Sentence: London has done is keep that importance but you can now feel Monty Nero, comfortable with his craft, breaking down further boundaries with a huge smile on face. This is a comic with very dark subject matter told by a guy who is just having a blast. Well done Mr Nero, well done indeed." Garbage File

"A high quality, good fun, action-packed, dystopian science fiction comic"
Sonia Harris, Comic Book Resources

You can order it from any comic shop from April. Find any store here