Monday, 8 November 2010

Three Page Horror Strip

Right, let's give this blogging malarkey a shake:

I wrote this script after a particularly unpleasant stay in a well-known budget hotel chain. It would be fair to say I detest the very existence of said chain, who offer zero service and plastic wrapped sandwiches for more than one would pay for a cosy room and slap up fried breakfast at a B&B. To my simple mind their modus operandi is representative of everything that's wrong with modern convenience culture. During my stay (which I hasten to say was not on my coin) it occurred to me that I could quite literally die in my bed and the hotel staff would neither notice nor care until my decomposing flesh clogged the vacuum of a grumpy and underpaid cleaner some weeks later. So, being British, I obviously didn't complain. No! Instead, I wrote and then drew an obscure comic strip that will probably never be seen let alone published. THAT WILL SHOW THEM!

Anyway: as a story I hope it's a good exercise in three page storytelling, aiming for a beginning, middle, and end, a twist on every page, having some fun with the obvious 'predatory vampire pick up' (biting its head off?) and then adding something fresh on page three, while the true point of the tale lies in the long grass until the final panel. Fingers crossed.

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