Friday, 9 May 2014

The Death Sentence Hardcover is here.

The Death Sentence Hardcover is here - and I can't remember the last time I was so excited about anything!

It's been a tortuous journey, from messing around in my bedroom with character designs and dialogue, to meeting artist and co-creator Mike Dowling; getting the first pages together as a preview - then toiling over the other one hundred and thirty three pages we needed to make a graphic novel. It took years to make this, and in the process we ran through all kinds of emotions and obstacles buoyed only by a single unshakable goal - to make something we'd be proud to own.

So to finally put it on my shelf with all the other graphic novels is a landmark moment.

Just a tiny section of my GN shelf (which stretches across three walls and two decades) - but you get the idea .

I never expected Death Sentence to be noticed, or celebrated, in the way that it has - so I owe a debt of thanks to a wide range of people. The retailers across the world who embraced it, the readers and creators who supported it, the Titan team who promoted it, and Mark Millar and Nick Landau who took a chance on publishing it when no-one else would.

Most of all I want to to thank Mike Dowling, the wonderful artist who blew my socks off with every page,  and my wife Chrissy for all her incisive creative feedback. If either had been a smidgen less supportive, I wouldn't have the book beside me right now.

Titan call it a "deluxe hardcover" and all I can tell you is everything from the paper stock, to the binding, to the care we took preparing the bonus material is of the highest possible quality. It feels like something that's going to outlast me, and that's some feeling.

I'd be honoured if you check it out - in your local comic shop, book shop or from the usual online retailers.



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