Thursday, 13 October 2011

Death Sentence, Dundee, and Thought Bubble

Death Sentence 01 is off to the printers today! Though it's just 30 promotional copies to take to events and so on. We'll get safely to issue 03 before soliciting orders.

Talking of events I'll be at the Dundee Comics Day along with some incredible guests: John Wagner, Frank Quitely, Robbie Morrisson, Cam Kennedy, Colin Macneil, Martin Conaghan, etc. I'll be on at 11:40am. Days like this are brilliant because you can actually chat to the creators in a 'Hello. How are you?' kind of way, rather than the 'queuing an hour for an autograph' kind of way you see at other cons. Give me Dundee Comics Day, or Hi-Ex, over San Diego any day of the week.

My Death Sentence collaborator Mike Dowling and I will also be at Thought Bubble in Leeds on Nov 19th and 20th.

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