Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Death Sentence Serialized in Clint Magazine

Mike and I are really excited about this. As a new indie comic, from two more or less unknown guys, the principal issue is no-one reads your work. In a world where celebrity counts for more than quality, it's a difficult hurdle to overcome. This serialization gives people an opportunity to read the strip - and judge it on its own merits. Huge thanks to Mark Millar and Nick Landau for doing exactly that.

Mike and I are both very passionate about creating fresh and thought provoking sequentials - the reason why we struck out on this project - and hopefully that passion comes across in the details on every page.

As to how the serialization came about, if you read back through my blog you can get a picture of the development of the comic from the start.

There's also a link to the Clint story here and here:

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